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All Clear Disinfecting Inc was established in 2018.  Our goal was to provide advanced disinfecting services to individuals and companies in Southern Ontario.  Our goal is to provide affordable, high value and innovative disinfecting solutions to our customers.  Since 2018 we have been able to help homeowners, multination corporations, small companies and the manufacturing sector maintain safe working environments for their employees and customers.  We will continue to bring new and innovative practises to the market that will have a positive impact on the facilities that our customers are in every day.

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Our Approach

All Clear Disinfecting Inc. specializes in high end disinfecting and outbreak prevention services.  Using the latest innovations on the market we provide proactive and reactive disinfecting solutions.  All of our solutions are verified by science and registered with the appropriate regulatory agencies.  Our process and protocols are a result of 15 years of field tested experience in trying new technologies and working with health and safety departments.  We take the guesswork out of disinfecting and provide solutions that have otherwise been unavailable to the general market.  

Why Work With All Clear Disinfecting

Most companies focus on using poisoned based disinfects to kill what is there.  The problem with this approach is you are always letting bacteria, germs and viruses build up in an environment before you eliminate them.  As these pathogens build up there is more risk that your family, employees and customers are being exposed to high levels of pathogens (load) which increases the risk that they will spread.  

At All Clear Disinfecting, we believe in being proactive and controlling the outcome.  We want to create an environment that is very hostile to viruses, germs and bacteria.  By using products that continually work, every minute of every day, we can control contamination levels and reduce the risk that a person coming in to that environment will be exposed to high levels of pathogens.

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Be On Offense

"A good infection control plan uses technologies that continue to work all day versus technology that works for only a few minutes a day"

—  Christopher Krasowski, President

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