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What is Proactive Disinfecting?

Proactive disinfecting is applying products that continue to work beyond the wet stage of application.  Normal disinfecitng products are applied, kill what is there and then stop working which is reactive.  The pathogen is on the surface and you have to react to eliminate that pathogen.  We prefer to be proactive in eliminating pathogens in the environment before they build up and become an issue.  Through continuous monitoring and the application of products that continue to actively eliminate pathogens for days, weeks, months and years we are proactively creating a self sanitizing space.



Identify areas of concern which include high touch points and high risk touch points.  Using technologies like ATP meters, visual identification equipment and multi spectrum UV lamps we can identify levels of contamination on these surfaces.


Trained technicials clean and prepare the surface so that the long lasting antimicrobial can create a strong bond with the surface and not the dirt on the surface.


Our Process

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A long lasting polymer (shield) is applied to the surface via wiping, fogging and electrostatic spraying.  Once the product has dried it creates a strong bond with the surface that isn't removed through regular cleaning.

Monitor & Maintain

Continuous testing allows us to monitor contamination levels on surfaces.  Scheduled treatments maintain coatings on high touch points.  Combine them to create an effective pathogen control plan.

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