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About Us

All Clear Disinfecting Inc. was founded in 2018.  Our goal is to bring together the most effective disinfecting and outbreak prevention technologies on the market and combine them into one effective and affordable solution that companies, home owners, institutions and organizations can benefit from.  Our process and protocols are a result of 15 years of experience in trying new technologies, working with infection control departments and real-life experience in using many different devices and processes.  We take the guesswork out of disinfecting and provide solutions that have otherwise been unavailable to the general market.  Each of the technologies we use, are by themselves, industry-leading and combined create a solution that provide the best possible outcomes for our customers and clients.


Our Technologies


  • Identification of Contamination

  • Verification of Performance

  • Verifies Protocol Efficacy

  • Training

  • Consulting

  • Education


Optisolve gives us the ability to make the invisible visible.  When we disinfect we are often eliminating viruses and bacteria that we can not visibly see.  Optisolve gives us the capability to show our customers their current levels of contamination and to verify that our service was effective.  We also use this tool to help cleaning departments determine whether or not their protocols and cleaners are effective.


  • No Residue

  • Up to 10 Log Efficacy 

  • Mechanical Kill

  • Quick Re-Entry Times

  • Safe on Delicate Electronics, Fabrics and Surfaces

  • Extensively Verified and Used Globally


SteraMist is an industry leader in disinfecting and steralization technology.  Developed by DARPA to eliminate weaponized anthrax and pathogens it has been used globally in the fight against ebola and serious public health outbreaks.  SteraMist is safe to use on any surface and gives us the capability to eliminate the world's worst viruses, bacteria, and pathogens.  


  • Provides a long lasting antimicrobial barrier on surfaces

  • Odourless

  • Proactive

  • Proven Globally in Real World Applications

  • Very Safe

Microbe shield

Microbe Shield allows us to be proactive in the fight against bacteria, germs and pathogens.  Verified in real-world settings and by third-party labs Microbe Shield provides continuous protection by preventing microbial contamination long after application.  With Microbe Shield we can create a proactive plan that significantly decreases contamination and improves the safety of the indoor environment.


  • Odour Removal

  • Biofilm Removal

  • Elimination of Superbugs

  • Vertical Surface Cleaning

  • Elimination of Live Bugs and Food Waste in Drains

bio assure

BioAssure makes it possible to remove biofilm and microbial contamination on vertical surfaces of pipes and throughout drain systems.  Biofilm is a significant source of contamination that is too often overlooked.  BioAssure technology is a great tool to eliminate the superbugs and odour causing bacteria that remain hidden in our drains but are the source of significant problems.