We work with you to help you sell your property quicker and for more money.  We eliminate odours, remove contamination, deal with hoarding or simply just disinfect the indoor environment so the property can be marketed as free of viruses, bacteria, allergens  and germs.  Our process is Health Canada Approved.


When buying you know what you are getting when it comes to building materials and fixtures.  What you don't know is what else comes with the property.  Did the previous owners have disease, viruses, germs, pets, mould?  This has a real effect on the health of everyone in the building.  We eliminate those concerns.  


Rental properties generally have a high volume of different people, pets, visitors and owners.  It is impossible to know where they came from and where they have been.  We work with you to make sure your rental property is healthy for the tenants.  We eliminate all the health concerns that the previous tenants left behind.


There are very real financial considerations when it comes to having a healthy work environment free of mould, viruses, germs and allergens.  When your employees are sick you lose productivity.  We work with you to eliminate those concerns and that cost before you purchase and move into a new property.

Our technology can be used in multiple ways to help you sell a property that you have had trouble selling, to get you a higher return on your investment and to differentiate yourself in the market.  Some of the ways we help are;

  • Removal of unwanted odours

  • Elimination of viruses, bacteria and germs

  • Elimination of mold and musk

  • Neutralize allergens and pet dander

  • Create a 100% healthy environment

  • Efficiencies against bed bugs

  • Disassociate the chemical compounds that bind drugs like fentanyl

  • Complete de-hoarding of properties

  • Bio-hazard cleaning and treatment

  • Providing timely and affordable solutions

You often do not know who inhabited the property before you bought it.  Do you really want to keep them around when you move in?  We help you to move into a place that is going to be healthy for you, your family and others long term.  We provide the following services;

  • Removal of unwanted odours

  • Elimination of all what the previous owners left behind like allergies, viruses, germs and sickness

  • Elimination of mold and musk

  • Neutralize allergens and pet dander

  • Create a 100% healthy environment

  • Complete de-hoarding of properties

  • Bio-hazard cleaning and treatment

  • Post construction cleanup


Rental properties quite often have a high migration rate of people passing through them.   It is impossible to know the health conditions and living habits of everything that has been there before you.  Just because this is a temporary solution for you doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your health to be there.  We provide services that help you;

  • Establish peace of mind that even if the people renting before you were sick that you won't become sick to

  • Remove mold and bacteria

  • Eliminate the odours and musky smell that usually reside in rentals

  • Deal with certain stages of bed bugs

  • Cost-efficiently improve your living situation

It is something we do not want to go through and have to even consider.  Someone in our family is sick, immune compromised, suffering through chemo or is hypersensitive.  This is when your living conditions really matter.  Using traditional methods it was not possible to quickly and cost-efficiently disinfect your living environment.  We work with you to ensure;

  • Your property is free of viruses, germs and bacteria

  • That no extra chemicals and residue are introduced

  • That the process can be done quickly and with as little hindrance as possible

  • To create an environment as clean as a hospital clean room


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